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♡ hi u look lovely today ♡

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etheline and i are such cutie princesses :-)
she also runs a hecka cool blog and you should all follow her @ambvalent


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coming to school at like 4 am kinda kills u

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I miss THIS Rihanna :(

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Lana Del Rey and Marina and The Diamonds Blog

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Love will never be like it’s shown in the movies. It’s a trap and we all fall for it that’s why relationships take an early end these days because they can’t reach the expectations we have and we have them because of all those movies that teach us the wrong things. We fall for those ideals like kissing in the rain and running after someone and finally finding the right words but this is as wrong as the ideals itself because kissing under summer rain isn’t as special as kissing under the shower. And I would have used the right words if I could but I never ran after her because I was afraid and no words could have healed what I have broken. Maybe my feet would have been running after her when there would also have been some dramatic music that made up the suspense and maybe with that music in the background the right words would have come floating out of my lips like a waterfall. But there has never been this background music I waited for because this is life and not a god damn movie and I will probably never find the right words to turn it all around, instead I will just stand here and watch everything fall apart and say nothing at all and realize that I’m my own director and right know I’m making a better movie about the real love than anybody ever has because there is no assurance of a happy end in this love, just like it is in reality.

— Elay Neal Moses  (via coachela)

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